Adzerk Campaign Management API

Campaign Management enables you to create and maintain ad campaigns and their elements.

  • Ad Type
    Ad Types are templates based on pixel width by height. They are a property of Creatives. New Ad Types will be returned with an Ad Type ID.
  • Campaign
    Campaigns are containers for one or more Flights. They are mapped to an Advertiser.
  • Flights
    Flights are sets of targeting and ad serving rules for one or more Ads.
  • Flight Categories
    Flight Categories are attributes of a Flight (such as a user interest like "cars") that can be used for building retargeting segments.
  • Creatives
    Creatives contain metadata and ad contents. They are mapped to an Advertiser. A Creative mapped to a Flight is an Ad.
  • Ads
    Ads are Creatives that have been mapped to a Flight. They inherit delivery settings from the Flight, but they also may contain their own settings.
  • Advertisers
    Advertisers own one or more Creatives. They represent who or what is purchasing ad space.
  • Creative Images
    The Creative Images endpoint is the method for attaching an image or Flash file to a Creative.
  • GeoTargeting
    GeoTargeting targets or excludes a Flight from a location.